Community Participatory conference training videos- Univ. of New Mexico

In 2009, the University Of New Mexico School Of Medicine established a Center for Participatory Research. The mission of the Center for Participatory Research is to support a collaborative environment within UNM that is aligned with core values of community partnership, equity, and participatory engagement in order to co-create new knowledge and translate existing knowledge to improve quality of life among New Mexico’s diverse populations.

CPR supports networks of research with community partners addressing health disparities, through a participatory and partnership approach. CPR seeks to develop future researchers by creating distributed learning opportunities for community and academic partners, using web-based, telehealth, and other multiple site transmission technologies.  Some of the leading scientists and community scholars work within the center to promote community-based participatory research.  Several videos of previous trainings and conference presentations have been archived and are accessible from their website.

University of New Mexico Center for Participatory Research

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